Pencil on paper

It’s been a year since I last produced any artwork and am glad to have loosened up my rusty fingers with my favourite medium, pencil on paper.

This is a drawing of an Indonesian goddess that will hopefully soon be inked onto skin. It’s a personal piece to the owner so please do not share or use without prior permission.

You’re my end and my beginning. Even when I lose I’m winning.

You give me all of you. I give you all of me.

One of those evenings, enveloped by the sunset. And there’s you, emerging from it.


Don’t cry about it

Some days I’m still lovestruck

I could bury my skull into your lungs

Some days I don’t care

And you’re waiting for my eyes

But I’m obsessed and hollow

Trying to find myself in you

Now there’s you and me

Then there’s my shell

I’m a floating balloon to you am I

Nothing and empty are different

Which one am I

fcklshtr asked:
Oh Hai Jun Elle~

Hi Fahim! :)

I’d double heart all your photos if I could. You’re one of my favourite photographers <3 Thanks for finding me!

One of the simplest yet most romantic dinners I’ve had. We were so hungry we grabbed sushi and ate at these benches near the car park. Well ok, a typical romantic date to me is getting stuffed and rolling about discussing how good the food was.

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear friends and lovers.


A compilation I made during Epic Tribe’s Belantara Psychedelic Music and Arts festival. I had a great time there. Lots of great people from all over the world and a hell lot of good friends!


We went up the hill to catch this beautiful sunset. In perfect weather too!